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Deployment of Applications: The Handbook

There are two parts to deploying your app into the world. The first involves deploying your server (API) to a production environment that’s scalable. The next step is deploying your app to the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or whatever environment it will be made available to its users.


Web API (Cloud-Database/Server)


Most apps expect a server/back-end in order to function. These servers are responsible for moving information to and from. If your server is overloaded or stops working, the app will stop working. Properly configured servers are scalable to satisfy your current and future user base, without being needlessly expensive. This is where the”cloud” comes in. It is not terribly hard to scale for the majority of apps. You want to make sure your app doesn’t fall apart when it gets popular and that your staff knows what they are doing.


App Stores


Submitting your apps is a process. You have to fill out a ton of forms for every store and you want to be certain that your apps are appropriately configured for release. Submit screenshots, marketing materials, and write an attention-grabbing description. Additionally, all apps submitted to the Apple App store are manually reviewed by Apple. It is possible they will ask you make changes to your app. Frequently, you get them to take your app as-is and can discuss these changes. Other times, you might have to make adjustments to be given entrance. As for the Google Play Store, it will be live as soon as your app is submitted, assuming everything goes smoothly.

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