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7 Ways a Mobile App Can be the Key to Expanding Your Business

In today’s world, people are coming out with apps for pretty much anything you can imagine.  There are apps to control your habits, order food delivery, play games, book trips, scan papers, learn new skills, and pretty much everything else you could possibly think of.

Considering that 77% of Americans own a smartphone, figuring out that it’s important to interact with them on these smartphones isn’t rocket science. It shouldn’t be a surprise that more and more businesses are making their own mobile apps to reach their consumers and expand their companies.

In this post, we broke down seven ways to give you some more insight on how a mobile app can help you expand your own business.

1. Gain Visibility At All Times

People spend multiple hours on their phone every single day. Although the majority of this time is spent browsing social media, reading emails, or playing games, if someone has your app downloaded, you can easily grab their attention. With the help of push notifications, you can send these notifications to your users which will in turn make your company pop up on their phones, regardless of whether they are currently on it or if they’re getting back on it.

Even if you don’t resort to sending these notifications, your business’ app and logo will be somewhere on their screens, sure to keep you in their minds.  The fact you have a way to constantly remind them of your brand will ensure that you’ll be the first business they think about when they need what you offer.

2. Connecting With Busy Clients

Shopping online for needed products or services tends to be a lot more efficient than going to a physical location/store, but there are still consumers out there that don’t have the time to sit down on a computer and go through your website (if they can even find it).

In retrospect, these busy consumers almost always have their smartphone with them.  If you had an app, they could easily buy from or connect with you on the run. Apps also make it convenient to save payment information, so second sales will be even more convenient (and hopefully more often!).

3. Make Yourself Stand Out From the Competition

Now a days, almost every prominent business or company has a mobile app of some sort.  It’s still pretty uncommon to find apps from businesses at the small or medium level. This gives you the opportunity to stand out.

In order for your business to succeed, you have to remove it from obscurity. Are you aiming to become a large and prominent company? Act like you already are one.  At the end of the day, it’s up to you to be bold, believe in your company, and be the first of your competitors to offer an app to your customers.

Not only will having an app be an amazing sales point, it shows you are modern and ambitious, and assure you stand out amongst your current competition.

4. Improve Customer Service

Regardless of your industry, your clients & customers will always need a way to get in touch with you when they need help or have a question. You probably have a phone number or email on your website, but your customers still have to do an extra step and find it.

Imagine how impressed your clients would be if you had a messaging service which allowed them to directly get in contact with you when they need you? Not only would this be a lot easier for them, getting a response will be quicker and more personal with your company.  How you serve your customers and the experience you continue to give them will show them you care and want to help.

5. Increase Your Value To Customers

People pay don’t just pay for the product or service, they also pay for the experience, the company, and the people. Consumers are less likely to buy from you if they feel like you only care about their money, not them.  Not only will having an app to customize their experience add a huge amount of value, but adding some features to specifically benefit them will take it to a next level.

You can make a loyalty or rewards program and allow your consumers to collect points every time they interact with you, through your new mobile app.  If you currently have this system on your website, you can implement it onto your app. This gives customers the added plus to earn with you while they do business with you.

6. Take Customer Loyalty To Another Level

One of the best parts of having an app for your business is the fact it can be the game changer to building and maintaining loyalty from your clients.

Among features like rewards programs, giving customers a want to come back again, and on-demand customer service, anything you can do to show the customer you care will make the difference between them going somewhere else and sticking with you.

By proving to your customers that you genuinely want to give them nothing but the best, by providing unparalleled customer service and experience with your app, they will want to continue giving you their business.

7. Boost Your Brand Recognition

If you create an app that is well designed and provides a smooth user experience, you will make an impression on anyone who sees it and be the first company that consumers think of when they need something that you offer.

The increased experience and visibility from having your app will be a constant reminder that you exist and you are the only one they want.

Make sure that before you get your app to consumers, your app has been thoroughly tested.  You have to make sure that from the moment they open the app, everything they do on it is as smooth as can be.  If you app has problems or isn’t visually appealing, then it can actually create a negative impression.

To Sum It All Up

With more than half of businesses falling into failure, it’s critical to make the proper investments to make sure you succeed.  Mobile apps are an innovative way to connect with customers, get your company recognized, and make yourself stand out from your competitors. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t have an app your company won’t be a success or that having one will ensure its success, but it will definitely give you the upper hand.

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