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The 10x Rule: How to Achieve Massive Success in Your Business & Life

One way or another, we all set goals in our lives which we dream to reach. Generally speaking, people tend to have higher levels of energy when they first set their goals, visualizing the outcome as motivation.  

You may want to make more money, find more clients for your business, change your physique, learn to cook – and so on. So what’s next? You set a goal, which you consider reasonable to actually achieve, such as getting one new client this month or going to the gym at least twice a week.

Following what we frequently hear, “you need to start somewhere”, you start pushing forward to make some progress, but somewhere along the way, you fall short.  Now comes the part where you feel like you failed, which not only doesn’t feel very good, but also makes the originally reasonable goal seem pretty far-fetched.

Why is this happening? You thought that if you dedicated yourself, you’d be able to reach your goals, but for some reason you can’t seem to be able to consistently execute. Here’s a question for you: what if the problem isn’t your inability to commit to your reasonable goal? What if the goals you set are just too reasonable and small?

Drumroll please… Welcome the 10x rule.

The 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

The idea was struck up by Grant Cardone, entrepreneur, and author of several books, including The 10x Rule.

So what’s the 10x rule? Take your original goal, and effort, and multiply it by 10.

Seem intense? Well, to be honest, it is. This isn’t supposed to be some cheat sheet that will just make all your dreams (and goals) come true.  It’s about putting in the work to make them come true.

The 10x Rule is one the most straightforward and honest books you’ll come by,  These are the main principles behind it:

  • Small goals lack inspiration. In the same manner that they’re easy to accomplish, they’re easy to throw out.  You probably will only get average results from them.
  • 10x goals open your mind to new thinking and actions. It might seem that setting goals that are too high will lead to being disappointed, but this thought comes from your original fear of not even being able to reach your original small goal.  Setting a goal 10 times as big and applying 10 times as much effort requires you to input real dedication, which is what you were striving for in the first place. The bigger the goal and the more work you’ve already put into it, the harder it will be to want to quit when things hit the fan.
  • Why reduce your target when you can just increase action?  What tends to be the first thing we do when we start lacking towards our goal? We make the goal smaller. Instead, why not take it to the next level of effort? In reality, the level of effort we planned on originally putting was nowhere near our maximum capability.

Why Going Big is Safer than Staying Small

The 10x rule is meant to push you over the barrier of getting average results.  Sticking to average planning, average goals, and average effort can work out fine – until things start going wrong.  The second that a problem arises and you don’t even manage to reach your average goal, you may have wished that you had set a bigger goal.

Here are a few examples to consider:

  • The majority of businesses fail since they underestimated how much cash they’ll need to get through the hard times
  • Nearly all people with “innovative” ideas belittle the amount of effort that’s needed to bring their idea to life
  • Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings
  • The average household is indebted
  • The majority of Americans drastically miscalculate how much money they need in order to retire

There’s no reason to be ashamed of wanting an abundant life.  Not only is it pleasurable but it also gives you safety. America promotes the concept of the “middle class” as the dream, when in reality “middle” is another term for average. Mediocrity is realistically and statistically not feasible since it can all be lost at the introduction of harder circumstances.

Pretty much, the “get rich quick scheme” doesn’t apply to this.  When people are in tough circumstances, they tend to be easily susceptible to fall for these “get rich quick schemes”, which always lead to more problems. Don’t fall for the trap.

Don’t expect to set 10x goals and magically achieve them, they require 10x efforts. So how do you go about it when it’s already hard enough to take average levels of action?

Want Massive Results? Take Massive Action.

Grant tells a story in his book about his first business.  He was expecting to do pretty well, not being unrealistic. He knew it would take time to earn what he was earning at his former job.  He estimated that he would get back to the same income level in 6 months, which actually ended up taking over three years.

Along the path, he fell into the excuses that most of us are prone to falling back on when things aren’t going our way. He eventually decided, instead of quitting, to increase his activity levels.

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Source: Margaret Hirsch

Rather than making 5 sales calls every day, he made 50. Instead of posting on social media twice a day, he posted twice every hour. As his company grew, customers complained about how often he sent marketing emails.  Instead of taking his foot off the gas, he actually started sending messages even more frequently. Even though this turned off some of his audience, it actually grew a large portion who began to admire his hustle.

He didn’t change the idea of his business, the market, or his customers, and he managed to make his business explode.  All it took was putting in more effort.

The Four Levels of Action

Most of us have heard of three different levels of action: doing nothing, retreating (being scared to really start), and normal levels of action (getting just enough done).

According to the author of the 10x Rule, there is a fourth level, which he believes to be the only one that actually creates big results: Massive Action (putting in 100% of your mental and physical ability).

Most of the people at the stages of “doing nothing” or “retreating” are very unlikely to take massive action. This level of action is most likely to be taken on by people taking at least normal levels of action.

If you’re reading this right now, you definitely are someone who at least takes normal levels of action and can definitely move into taking massive action.

So how do we gather ourselves to take the leap from where we currently are to taking even more action?

Stop Being a Little Bitch

Excuse my language, but it is what it is.  Even in the audio version of his book, Grant renames his chapter from “stop being a victim” to “stop being a little bitch.” Let’s be honest here. As a society, we’ve grown soft.  We’re slowly gravitating towards becoming more helpless and complaining about everything.

At the end of the day, only you can save yourself.  It seems like people have come to think that great things are going to come to them for no apparent reason and then cry when they don’t.

All jokes aside, I get it, everyone has their own problems. I’m not saying otherwise. You control your own life and you have to be the one to decide how you live it. The two choices we really have are to act or not. Being the victim can give you pleasure at times, but it doesn’t in any way remove you from the issue you’re faced with.

So the premise of this, is to, whenever you feel like giving up, tell yourself to stop being a little bitch. Remind yourself that once again the only real options you have are to stay where you are or take action. Chances are after having this conversation with yourself, you’ll be driven to get yourself to take the action route.

The 10x Rule: How to Achieve Massive Success in Your Business & Life  1 | THRV Apps, Design, Digital Marketing & Strategy

Change Your Perspective on Success

Later on in the book, Grant mentions that in order to succeed you need to treat getting success as an ethical issue.

People tend to think of success as a luxury.  They tell themselves that it’s something that would be nice, but is an option. So making the most out of your life is an option? No. Realize that it is your duty to be successful.

Our entire lives we’ve been told about being ethical: not to steal, be violent, cheat, or take advantage of others. If you now take this into consideration about acquiring success, ethically, aren’t you cheating yourself and everyone around you if you don’t do everything in your power to make the most out of your life?Think about this for a second.

The 10x Rule: How to Achieve Massive Success in Your Business & Life  2 | THRV Apps, Design, Digital Marketing & Strategy

Source: Medium

Remember now, success is a lot more than just accumulating a ton of money or having a high status. Arguing that you don’t care about money isn’t an excuse. Think about your life.. Really think. Are you giving the people who you most care about your all?

The idea behind thinking of success as an ethical issue isn’t to think lowly of yourself for not already being a millionaire or having a hugely successful business. The point of it is to make you realize that just getting by isn’t enough.

So now ask yourself: Do you treat success as a duty or are you making excuses?

A New Perspective

Consider this: what is really the worst that can come from giving your all? Cut out the excuses for a moment.  Take a moment to really ask yourself this and it might actually open your mind to realize new possibilities.

Stop thinking of the idea of a business as something that actually requires owning your very own, legally established business. YOU are a business. Not taking action has further worse impacts than taking action and failing. At least you learned what doesn’t work.

I personally have failed many times, and at the time it didn’t feel good.  But now when I look back, I don’t regret my attempt. It’s only getting me closer to where I’m pushing to go.

Remove all the negative thoughts and people in your life and take on the responsibility of only having one attitude: a great one. Take on everything with 100% of yourself and just go for it.  Waiting until you believe you’re “ready”, is just another excuse. The truth is, you’re never really ready.

Instead of asking “why”, start asking yourself “why not.”

10x Your Life

My point of writing this isn’t to make anyone feel bad about their current efforts. My goal is to introduce you to a new approach that I personally have seen help a lot of people, including myself.

When you start thinking in 10x levels, you aren’t scared of what’s next because whatever that is, you know you are willing to put in the effort to make it happen. Even if you don’t 10x your income right off the bat, you can at least 10x your creativity, energy, and action.

This can and should be applied to all aspects of your life: your family, your relationships, your hobbies, and so on.

While approaching everything at 10x may not be the “key” to getting you everything you want in life, the lesson behind it is priceless.  Never underestimate your capabilities.

Remember, the amount of effort you put into becoming successful turns you into a bigger and better version of yourself.

Are you ready to 10x your life?